D&I Strategy 101

One of the biggest mistakes organizations make is sending employees to diversity training.

That’s right! Training that is not integrated with the business priorities, the marketing strategic plan and the culture of the organization can be a waste of time.

intentional inclusion inc. works with organizations to develop customized diversity strategies that reflect the mission of the organization, the challenges of the industry and the needs of the workforce or the customers.

Let us help you identify and prioritize specific activities, programs and policies for maximizing diversity.

Let us help you identify and plan for the Eight Essential Elements of an Effective Diversity Strategy™ 

      • Expectations and Desired Outcomes
      • Executive Commitment
      • Employee Leadership
      • Environmental Assessment
      • Education and Outreach
      • External Stakeholders
      • Evaluation and Metrics
      • Explanations and Reference Materials

Need a Mentor?

We can coach you through the process working with your internal staff. Our proprietary Diversity Strategy Made Easy™ process is designed to ensure every aspect of creating a D&I strategy is considered.

Prefer A Turn Key Solution?

Or we can serve as a short-term extension of your staff doing the research, interviewing key people and developing a customized strategy that is perfect for YOUR organization.

In either case, YOU determine your target date for your completed strategy and we work together to develop a timeline that will generate the results you need and a strategy you can be proud to share throughout your organization.

A Good Strategy Supports Business Results

A clear strategy that integrates with your organization’s mission, vision, values and culture is a powerful tool that helps your D&I initiative contribute to business results.

Strategy first. Training later. (And we can help with that too!)

Let us know how we can help you achieve your diversity and inclusion related goals:

      • Email: Staff@TracyBrown.com