Managers as Diversity Champions

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Managers as Diversity Champions

This three-part series is perfect for Diversity Council members and Employee Resource Group leaders as well as for professional staff in diversity departments or HR departments who are responsible for engaging managers and leaders. It is designed so line leaders can participate and build confidence speaking about diversity and inclusion. All participants are encouraged to develop personal action plans as we go through the process. And all the calls are recorded, both to accommodate busy schedules and also to provide a resource participants can listen to more than once for review and reinforcement.



Class 1: What is a Diversity Champion and Why Should I Be One?

We’ll cover what diversity champions do and how it helps them succeed. We’ll help you explain the business-related reasons for diversity and inclusion initiatives and describe some of the common benefits of building a reputation as a diversity champion.

Class 2: I’m Already Too Busy … How Can I Integrate This With My Job?MultiEthnicTeam8

When leaders think of diversity and inclusion activities as additional work it becomes difficult to focus on it consistently. In this session we’ll cover at least 8 ways managers can integrate their commitment to diversity and inclusion into their regular schedule of meetings and their standard job responsibilities.

ID-100100168-bystockimagesClass 3: How Will I Know I’m Making a Positive Difference? How Can I Measure My Progress?

Celebrating success is an important part of any strategy. Building accountability into your diversity and inclusion efforts is no exception. In this session we’ll mention formal compensation strategies but will spend the majority of the time considering other ways to track and recognize progress.

ID-10091933NEXT OFFERING: Now Available “on demand” as a web-based course. Register anytime and complete the course on your schedule and at your own pace.

If you want to register several people at the same time and need to pay with a single check or credit card, just let us know.

And, if you have a group of 10 or more, we can also set it up as a private web-based course for people in your organization to take together.

Bonus: Templates and Other Resources

All participants will receive a detailed student guide that includes links to online resources, suggestions for specific activities, helpful models related to diversity and inclusion and a template for an action plan. You will also have easy access to the instructor via email or Skype for feedback specific to your organization’s structure or industry.

About Tracy Brown

Tracy BrownTracy coaches diversity professionals on strategic initiatives and tactical programs. She is an engaging speaker, an experienced business leader, and an exceptionally effective seminar leader/ retreat facilitator.

As President of Diversity Trends LLC she has worked with more than 350 organizations in almost every industry and provided training to more than 400,000 people. Her company has been recognized twice for Innovation in Diversity by the Ernst & Young sponsored Celebrate Diversity awards. And she has been featured in Dallas CEO Magazine, HR Magazine, Money Magazine and many other media publications or broadcasts.

Tracy has authored 7 books on diversity in the workplace, leadership and other business topics. Nationally recognized as an expert on the impact diversity has on relationships in the workplace she has been featured by SHRM and Linkage and has served on numerous advisory boards and boards of directors.

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