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Has Your Diversity Strategy Evolved?

I love working with organizations to create or update their Diversity and Inclusion strategy. But I am surprised by the number of companies that are still approaching diversity and inclusion the same way they handled affirmative action two or three  decades ago.

handshakeRespect Not Rights

Your 21st century strategy for D&I should pave the way for employees, customers and the community to interact with one another from a foundation of mutual respect. There’s no need to argue about civil rights or politics when your strategy is clearly linked to generating or supporting business results.

Results Not Regretsbusiness results

The best strategies link D&I initiatives to the organization’s mission, values or established business priorities. If you’re still talking about doing what’s “politically correct” or if your decisions are being heavily influenced by guilt about what’s gone wrong (or hasn’t been done) in the past, your strategy needs a major overhaul.

Retention Not Recruitmentmulti-ethnic team

Every business that’s growing will always have to recruit employees. But by now your recruitment efforts should be supported by processes and procedures that insure you attract diversity in its many forms. The most compelling strategies today focus on retaining the great talent you’ve attracted and insuring your good employees are valued for both who they are and what they do.

Tracy Brown, President of Diversity Trends LLCDiversity Strategy Made Easy™

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