Diversity Strategy Tune Up

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Now is the Time for Your Inclusion Strategy Tune Up

You take your car in for preventive and regular maintenance. You fertilize your lawn twice each year. You see your doctor for an annual wellness exam. Your conduct employee performance reviews at least once a year.

What about your inclusion strategy?

  • Is it limping along or just surviving when it could be thriving and contributing to the success of your organization?
  • Has it been ignored lately because other priorities have drained your attention and energy?
  • Are you the key diversity strategy person and find no one in your organization can provide you with fresh ideas or practical recommendations for improvement because they just don’t understand the true power of inclusion?
  • Is your strategy so generic it really doesn’t have the impact you’d like it to have on company culture or business-related metrics?
  • Is it time for a Diversity Strategy Tune-Up?

Could you use a 90-day process to help you assess your current diversity and inclusion strategy? What to keep? What to change? What to learn more about?

Do you have a limited budget but you know you need expert help to take your diversity strategy to the next level?

Are you looking for someone you can partner with who knows as much or more about diversity and inclusion than you do?

Do you need some objective feedback about your diversity strategy from someone who wants to help you take it to the next level?

The Diversity and Inclusion Strategy Tune Up

The D&I Strategy Tune Up provides the structure and support you need to:

  1. Clarify and update the strategic purpose for your diversity and inclusion initiatives
  2. Consider affordable and effective options for taking your strategy to the next level
  3. Create results that can support your organization’s mission, improve visibility and increase engagement from key target groups

Eliminate the cookie-cutter approach to your diversity initiatives. Work with an experienced professional who can advise you based on best practices from dozens of organizations and help you develop a strategy customized for your industry, your organization’s culture and your available budget.

What’s Included?

  1. An objective review of your diversity/inclusion strategy and how it relates to your organization’s mission, values and business priorities.
  2. Six high impact business conversations by phone or video-conference with Tracy Brown, President of Intentional Inclusion Inc.
  3. A structured process to help you review your current structure, reset your strategic priorities and renew your passion to lead and influence the process.
  4. Exposure to The Achieving Inclusion™ Model, The Diversity Strategy Made Easy™  Process and several other business models designed to help you link your diversity strategy to your organization’s measurable success.
  5. A summary document that captures recommended next steps and suggested resources.

The D&I Strategy Tune Up allows you to be the visible expert for diversity and inclusion within your organization. You control the timing, communication, structure and final content for your organization’s strategy; the tune up simply provides you professional advice and an objective sounding board as you are developing your plan.

Please note: If you actually need to outsource the development of your strategy, Intentional Inclusion Inc can provide the support you need to develop your initial plan or to make changes to your current plan at an additional cost.

Tracy Brown

Tracy coaches diversity and inclusion professionals on strategic initiatives and tactical programs. She is an engaging speaker an experienced business leader, and an exceptionally effective seminar leader/ retreat facilitator.

As President of Intentional Inclusion, Inc., she has worked with more than 400 organizations in almost every industry and provided training to more than 450,000 people. Her company has been recognized twice for Innovation in Diversity by the Ernst & Young sponsored Celebrate Diversity awards. And she has been featured in Dallas CEO Magazine, HR Magazine, Money Magazine and many other media publications or broadcasts.

Tracy has authored 7 books on diversity in the workplace, leadership and other business topics. Nationally recognized as an expert on the impact diversity has on relationships in the workplace she has been featured by SHRM and Linkage and has served on numerous advisory boards and boards of directors.

Helping people work effectively with other people is my focus. Helping organizations create an environment where people who are significantly different from each other can learn, work and grow together is my specialty.” (Tracy Brown)

Talk to Tracy about: Integrating diversity initiatives into the overall business strategy, structuring diversity councils and affinity groups for success, developing more effect leaders or the design and delivery of interactive seminars customized to your industry or work environment.

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Take Action Now

Don’t update your strategy with only the input of internal champions and internal leaders. Don’t rely solely on your personal knowledge and the ideas from people who think the same way you do.

The Diversity Strategy Tune Up is your chance to receive expert advice and to partner with someone who can bring you examples of best practices from many different industries. This is an opportunity to take your diversity and inclusion strategy to the “next level” so it engages senior leaders and people at all levels of your organization.

Your Investment: $9,000 – $21,000

  • Deposit required to confirm contract and begin work
  • Make Three Additional Monthly Payments
  • Pay in Full in One Payment during 1st month of contract) and save 15%
  • We accept corporate purchasing cards, direct deposit and company checks

The start date for coaching (and every coaching session) will be decided based on your operational needs. Sign up today and reserve your spot!

Questions about the Diversity Strategy Tune Up? Call Tracy nowQuestions?

Still not sure? Get your questions answered in a complementary 30-minute conversation with Tracy Brown, President of intentional inclusion inc.