Diagnosis Diversity

Before starting her business, Tracy worked as an executive-level leader for Kaiser Permanente. As a result, she is one of a very few consultants who specialize in diversity, equity and inclusion who understands healthcare systems and healthcare people from personal experience.

Diagnosis Diversity BookAlthough no longer in print, this book provided a framework for recognizing diversity as a resource and as a strategic advantage. Approximately 30% of our clients are in healthcare or health-related services and the contents of this book provide a strong foundation we use when guiding organizations through the development or enhancement of their inclusion strategy.

Diagnosis Diversity: How to Maximize Diversity in Health Care Organization

by Tracy Brown (2006)

  • Chapter 1: The Diversity Difference
  • Chapter 2: Diversity and the Marketplace
  • Chapter 3: Diversity and the Workforce
  • Chapter 4: Diversity and the Community
  • Chapter 5: Leading the Diversity Initiative
  • Chapter 6: Diversity Metrics

Past healthcare clients have included: Methodist Hospital System (Dallas), Parkland Health and Hospital System, Kaiser Permanente Mid-Atlantic States, Rex Healthcare (North Carolina), Texas Health Resources, American Heart Association, Sutter Health, Kaiser Permanente (North Carolina), Children’s Health (Dallas), Tarrant County Public Health, American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP)